Kubernetes as Orchestrator for A10 Lightning Controller

A10 Lightning Controller is an application composed of multiple micro-services and works as the management, control and analytics plane of A10 Lightning Application Delivery Service

By default the controller is available to A10 customers as SaaS and they need to deploy only Lightning ADCs in their network.

But, some customers want to deploy controller also in their network for compliance or other (mostly non-technical) reasons.

Bangalore Kubernetes Meetup group thought of doing a session with topic Kubernetes in production 
and gave us (Manu and Myself) a chance to present. Our use case was that not just all the components of A10 Lightning controller run in Kubernetes (aka K8s) but we also package it so that our customer's production also run in K8s. So, this includes packaging and distribution of application as well as running in the scenario when the administrator of the application may not be very K8s savvy. 

Following is what we covered in our talk:

  1. Why we moved to K8s, what design choices we made while porting and what can be done better if we design it from scratch
  2. Issues we faced, our solutions and ongoing research in following areas
    • Scaling each micro service individually
    • Persistence across reboots
    • Persistent data storage
    • Overlay networking
    • Deploying clustered applications

Here is the presentation:

Kubernetes as Orchestrator for A10 Lightning Controller from Akshay Mathur

Here is the video captured by Neependra at meetup:
Videos of other presentations are also available at Neependra's website.
Link to other presentations are in comments of meetup page.

At the end I thank Manu for co-presenting:

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