Kids' Night Out

Here I am talking about kids of 5-10 years of age.

We as a perant alwase try to keep our kids happy and far from any hardship. We, the parents, always take care that they, the kids, get everything that thay need or may be more than that they need. We do not want them to strugle for anything, at least at this age.

However, we forget that at some time thay have to go away from us and face the world independently. We forget that as parents, it is our responsibility to train them so that they can face and concoqer any situations of their life. We forget that WE need to make them independent. It has been established again and again that excessively pampered kids fail to complete challanges of life at grown up age and the life rags them throughout their lifetime.

Typically, in the age of 5+, a kid should be able to work for himself. Means the kids should eat, drink, dress-up etc on their own. But, generally, parents do all this for the kid even if the kid knows how to do it. So I think, we should feed them small training capsules in a fun way so that they get ready to become independent.

While talking to a few friends, I felt that most scary and unimaginable thing for them is the kid's night out alone. However, if you think, the kid is going to sleep most of the time during the night out as oppose to a usual day-care where most of the time the kid remains awake. So night out should be simpler than the day out and the kid gets to learn more things for the life e.g. taking care of the belongings and getting ready themselves.

I also found that a few people understand the importance and send there kid for a night-out to a friend's home. I found a few summer camps taking the kids for night out but they are typically at a camping location far from the city. Many mothers expressed concern in sending the kid to a far off place as they can not quickly reach to the kid in case of any hypothetical emergency.

So I thought of the idea that similar to the day care service, there can be a night-care service. However, the reason/rashnale for sending a kid to night-care will be completely different from that of day-care. Of course, sending a kid for night-out is going to be a 'once in a while' activity so service will also not be available all the time. Typically, these night outs should mostly happen on weekends/holidays so that kids do not have a tight schedule lined up for next day. The span of time of a night out activity shuld be such that that kids have enough time for some learning activity; for example, how about 7 PM to 9 AM?

If you have read so far, please drop your comment. If not more, you can copy-paste from
- I do agree and want to send my kid
- I do not feel like sending

Those whose response is negative, may please let us know the reason so that we know if we are missing out some very obvious reason for parents not being able to send the kids for such activity.

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