Understanding AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Security

I heard many people saying that they need not worry about security of their application (or it is  automatically PCI compliant) just because the application is hosted in AWS EC2.

This is a big misconception. AWS has good literature about security and it clearly mentions shared security responsibility model.

The presentation shared here was presented in the AWS meetup in Bangalore organized by Jeevan and Habeeb. As purpose of this was just to make people aware of their responsibility, details of any topic are not covered here. Also this does not talks about AWS services in detail.

During the presentation, people wanted to understand details of some AWS services and also wanted to deep dive into each aspect. Many of the questions about AWS were discussed in detail by Shailesh who is architect at AWS and was present in the meetup. For other longer portions, we decided to organize follow up meetup focused on each topic.

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