Translatting to multiple languages

On Quora, I saw a question

Where can I translate one word/expression into multiple languages
5 people were following the question but there was no answer for more than 2 months :(
Hence thought of creating a simple HTML/JS app that can translate text to many languages without taking pains of selecting name of the languages one by one in Google's interface.

Thankfully I got a jquery plugin for translation that internally uses Google translate APIs.
Please use the app and let ne know your comments.

NOTE: Google has withdrawn the free translate APIs (made it paid) so this app stopped working. Let me figure out other ways to put this service back.


  1. Good Work Bhaiya... Thanks for sharing. its so useful.

  2. Akshay, Thats a wonderful application. good work. I would appreciate if it could be done for various Indian languages.

  3. Today some one come in search of drum scanner for getting its manual to scan(it was in 26 language), I suggested him that pl go for Google Translate and your job will be done. I guess this is better than that, your job will be done in one go
    Gr8 work Akshay !!

  4. g8 bhai mein bhi google hi use karti thi ab tak,bt can b done wth indian lang. also?

  5. @Kalpana, @Mukta: I have created inlt the wrapper. In the backend, the app uses Google Translate. Hence it is limited by the support provided by Google.
    Howver, the design is such that as and when Google adds more languages in their API, the app will automatically support all those languages

  6. it would be nice if the translated words were listed in one row all together so I could just highlight them all and paste them into a website as tags. Right now I have to paste them one at a time.

  7. Thanks stevendepolo for the request. This is a very innovative use you are doing of this app.

    I have given a link that provides the list you need

  8. Thanks Dada.
    This is one of the site, we were searching from long time

  9. The application is great...
    But there is no Macedonian language, remove it now...

  10. Hello. Your app does not work anymore. Is it easy to fix or is there another site around that does the same thing? I tried Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  11. @wes, Thanks for bringing it to notice. The reason is that Google removed the free version of translate API :(

    However, Microsoft is trying to come up with the translate API. Let me figure that out.