Celebrating the bugs in code

What rubbish? How could you celebrate bugs in the code?

But I do! and there 2 aspects or ways to this celebration and you should do both.

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1. Party to the team:
In fact many organizations have this unwritten rule: "Whosoever breaks the build or breaks the product in field (especially at night), throws a party for the team".

This rule helps a lot keeping the quality high even without having a dedicated testing team. Whenever, we had stopped enforcing this rule, we observed more issues from the field.

In the party forced on the person whose code becomes the culprit, people talk about the bug and the worse situation raised because of the bug. As no one wants to be in that situation, people put more focus on what they are committing and test the changes better resulting into good quality product.

2. Learning debugging:
Debugging is an art that every developer should learn. Bugs from field are the only way for learning efficient debugging with limited resources in very stressful situations. They also make you think how to fix the issues in least possible time with minimum impact. Staying calm and planning your steps methodically is the key of success in the unfortunate situation.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. One bug found in the development/testing phase means one less bug in the field. That's a good enough reason to celebrate..!