Managing Release process for SpectraGaurd Suite

Continuing focus of quality development and delivery, I identified areas in software development process that can be improved for better information flow between product development and testing team, strengthen impact analysis and provide better visibility to engineering and testing managers into ongoing activities. To enforce quality, I linked source code version control system to bug tracking system and bug tracking to test case management system. To facilitate information flow, visibility and analysis of the situation, I developed custom web interfaces on top of these tools. I have seen challenges and inefficiencies coming from our own branching strategies so I have studied standard processes around branching and merging and suggested different ways of branching and merging for different types of development scenarios.
Because of breadth of my knowledge across products and impact analysis skills, management has also given me responsibility of software configuration management and release process management. Additionally, because of troubleshooting skills, customer support group always looked at me for technical help.

  • Headed Release group with complete ownership of release process for multiple product lines.
    • Coordinated with Engineering, Product Management, Documentation, Web development teams ensure timely GA of the new releases
    • Handled 16 major releases in 2.5 years for 5 product lines
  • Implemented development process improvements
    • Rolling out configuration management practices and monitoring tools
    • Integrating and/or customizing CVS, Bugzilla and Testlink to accelerate development and testing processes
    • Revamping prevalent CVS branching strategy to allow flexibility, greater efficiency and reduced complexity
  • Getting buy-in from multiple stakeholders to implement process changes without affecting turn-around time
Other Activities
  • Technical guidance to customer support team to address customer queries
  • Mentoring and coaching of newcomers
  • Management of multiple small teams
  • Product, technology and process training to partners as well as new hires in the company

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