Database Design and Performance Optimization

During the implementation of new upgrade architecture, I suggested change to many product development and testing processes and management accepted and implemented them all. I found that the way of upgrade process directly impacts the way of implementation of database, build & packaging process and installation process. Over the time management has given responsibility of all these functions to me and I overhauled all these functions. During this course I designed tools to simplify and automate build process. I also designed a tool to sanity check of database implementation to enable high quality bug free coding efficiently. As result of all this, the server upgrade of product never failed in field. Having responsibility of database implementation, I took part in database design process and improved it significantly.

  1. Formed specialized Database group
  2. Reviewed database entity model and suggested design changes to improve performance and reduce complexity
  3. Created a test harness to compare sql query response times
  4. Changed Linux and database server configuration to optimize database performance

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