Software Testing for Wibhu Technologies (now AirTight Network)

I worked with the founder of AirTight for creating (both development and testing) a prototype of the idea.

After he started the company at Pune, I used to do software testing assignments from Kanpur on part time basis. After successful completion of work at DGP project, I decided to join AirTight at Pune on full time testing assignment. Knowing the evolution of the product right from its prototype, domain expertise gained during wi-fi deployment and experience of software testing were advantages for me. At that time, company was in its initial stage, software release cycles were short, delivery was not packaged, testing processes were not being followed and testers used to do manual exploratory testing only. Over the time I started demanding packaged installable software and the information of what is coming next to facilitate useful test case writing.

I started load and longevity testing of the product and written a few tools to collect data about responsiveness of the product over time under different conditions. While testing team was focusing on black-box testing I analyzed the delays in response further and found that the delays are happening in database calls. Getting this info, I worked on multiple fronts to solve this issue. First I suggested change in the style of database design to improve performance and reduce complexity. Next I started query optimization exercise with development team members and then did tweaks in database server configuration to optimize the performance. For this task I created a test harness to compare performance of two given queries eliminating the statistical variation.

When AirTight decided to have automation testing framework in place, I was given responsibility to work with testing automation company and identify parts of the product for which testing can be automated. Later when company decided to outsource testing of another product for a release, I was appointed as point person for all technical matters.

When AirTight started shipping the product to customers, engineering team faced the challenge to work on multiple releases at the same time. The challenge was there because of high number of small usability issues and small change requests were being done from the field and AirTight was handling them in ad-hoc manner. I suggested a parallel development and micro-release system for better handling of requests and keeping the main course of development intact.

I also did manual exploratory testing of both the products of AirTight, wrote test cases, did planning and estimation and managed a small team of testers.

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