Long Haul Wi-Fi Deployment at IITK

* Configured and used Wi-Fi Equipment
* Demonstrated long range wireless network
* Setup multi-hop wireless network between IIT Kanpur and Lucknow
* PC software development using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access

The Digital Gangetic Plain (DGP) Project of IIT Kanpur is intended to connect rural-India using the 802.11b wireless LAN technology (a.k.a. Wi-Fi). I am one of the people who are involved in project since starting of the work. We have successfully proved the concept that Wi-Fi technology which is primarily meant for indoor use, can be used in outdoor for long range connectivity and virtually any distance can be achieved using multi-hopping. Currently I am involved in developing a suitable techno-economic model
Along with this I developed PC software using VB to keep track of the items purchased by the project. Some Linux-shell scripts are also developed to monitor the network.

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