* Established and managed LAN having 23 Windows98 PCs, 1 Windows2000 Advanced Server and 1 Linux Server.
* Software development for school admission process using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access
* Linux based portal for UP industries database using PHP and MySQL.
* Coordinated development of animated educational movies using Macromedia Flash 5.0
* Teaching computers for class 11

Apart from managing the LAN and servers of the schools lab, I some standalone and network based PC software using VB6 as front end and MS Access as beck end. Those are meant to automate some processes related to entrance examination and admissions.
A portal was developed under a project of Institute Industries partnership Cell, IIT Kanpur to web enable the database of Industries of UP and Uttranchal. PHP is used through Apache web server on Linux to present the appropriate data requested by user after extracting it from MySQL database.
Online examination software was also developed by me firstly using VB and MS Access and later using PHP and MySQL on Linux.

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